Ingredients:  soda bicarbonate, citric acid, corn starch, milk powder, cream of tartar, cosmetic mica, coconut oil, liquid soap, polysorbate80, fragrance oil, candy sprinkles.

5 Piece Kids Bath Fizzie Set

  • You get 4 - 4.1 oz bath fizzie & 1 - 7 oz bath fizzie

    1. Baby Powder (4.1 oz) - comes with a 1" baby doll (random color)

    2. Butter Cream Frosting (4.1 oz) - comes with a mini cow figurine (random color)

    3. Fruit Slices (4.1 oz) - comes with a mini doll house size random fruit piece

    4. Mermaid Burps(4.1 oz)  - comes with a random sealife figurine

    5. Unicorn Kisses (7 oz) - comes with a 6" long unicorn bracelet (random color)

    All packing materials are fully recyclable

    CAUTION: Chocking hazard. Toys included with these bath fizzies are miniature. Recommended for kids aged 3 & up!!!